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About Us

About Company

We are a company engaged in biotechnology. Our company provides various needs of partners including pharmaceutical products, chemical, medical devices and laboratory equipments as well as other biotechnology products. In addition, we also have many superior product, such as BHA (Bovine Hydroxyapatite), Meditea and Bioactin.

Currently, PT Inovasi Bioproduk Indonesia focuses on health and biotechnology. We serve the procurement needs of both government and private agencies. Our commitment to partner satisfaction is embodied with professional service and high integrity.

Vision and Mission


Become an innovative, independent and global company.


1. Producing and marketing innovative products based on technology research.

2. Develop products based on technology research.

3. Develop a marketing network to the global market.

4. Utilizing research results from universities.

Our Services

In addition to the product catalog that we list, we can also provide other procurement needs according to your needs. For some products, our services also include :

  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Instrument Verification
  • Instrument Training

Our Customers